Ready to ship Crystal Competition Bikini, Cranberry with Fuchsia Crystals

Ready to ship Crystal Competition Bikini, Cranberry with Fuchsia Crystals

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In-Stock Crystal Competition Bikini!
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Gorgeous Cranberry Mist Fabric with Fuchsia Crystals!

Size and Style Details:
Rounded B cup Top (in between B cup and C cup).
Pro-Cut Bottom. We will adjust the waist to your measurements.

Are you looking for a different competition bikini for your first bikini competition? If so, this one is designed just for you! Lots of bling for a reasonable price!
Look at the details of this amazing competition suit, and you quickly see why we are known for the highest quality competition bikinis in the business! 

Ready to Ship Crystal Competition Suit!

Please keep the following in mind when comparing our crystal sequin competition bikinis to our competitors.
High Quality! We only use the best materials and only use the BEST Crystals! You can shop with confidence and know you're getting the highest quality Crystals on your competition bikini or customized swimsuit.
Crystals Design! Our Crystal Designs are COMPLETELY FINISHED! We feel this compliments your symmetry and looks much better on stage!
Customer service! We're easy to contact! We have an actual retail store here in Clearwater Florida; you can visit or call during regular business hours. We answer all email and respond to them quickly during business hours.

Made in the USA, right here at our store in Clearwater Florida.
Suits You® a registered trademark.

Suits You Competition Bikinis, Figure Suits and Men's Posing Suits.

We are the only competition suit company in America officially creating suits with Swarovski® Crystals.

We have two Brands! Competition Suits and Sexy Swimwear!

Please check our sister website for lots of sexy bikinis, perfect for photo shoots, vacation and weekend fun!

Suits You Competition Suits

Our Retail Store is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Helping athletes stand out in a crowd with a unique competition suit since 1996!

FAST Processing, FAST Custom Bikinis, FAST Shipping!

We look forward to doing business with you. Please take a moment to review a few things about

All of the competition bikinis, custom figure suits, physique suits and men's posing suits shown on our site are hand-made right here at our store in Clearwater Florida USA. Our products are warranted against defects. We will replace any defectively manufactured item. You can review our Competition Care Instructions to help extend the life of your new competition suit. Please follow these easy to use instructions!

If you have any unique request for a custom competition bikini or figure suit, feel free to contact us. Since we are the manufacturer, we can custom make almost any of our bikinis in most fabrics shown on our site.

We are so Honored! Suits You Swimwear owner and designer Lucy McCudden gets interviewed by Swarovski Crystal Technical representatives.
Read more about our interview with Swarovski Crystal

Designer of the FIRST EVER Ms Wellness Olympia Francielle Mattos!

Designer of the FIRST EVERY Ms Wellness International Champion Isa Pereira!

Designer of the 2022 Ms Bikini Olympia Champion Maureen Blanquisco!

Designer of the 2022 Ms Wellness Olympia Champion Francielle Mattos!

Designer of the 2022 Ms Wellness International Champion Kassandra Gillis!

Creator of the Original Crystal Back Closure for Competition Bikinis! Designed by Clyde and Lucy in 2013.

Creator of the Original Crystal Bikini designed by Lucy in 1996 (yes we have been making custom bikinis for a long time).

Creator of the Original Box Top Bikini, also designed by Lucy in 1996.

We have always exclusively used the BEST Crystals on our Competition Bikinis, Figure Suits and Physique Suits. 

Our goal at Suits You Swimwear is to make competition bikinis, sexy swimwear and unique figure/physique suits that truly "Suits You". We have been making custom bikinis, micro bikinis, and sexy swimsuits since 1996! We make our products with high-quality fabrics, a great fit and do it at a reasonable price.

If you're in the Clearwater / Tampa Bay area, feel free to visit our store. Click here for directions.

Clyde and Lucy McCudden (owners)

How it began!

It started one day on the beach in Clearwater Florida. Lucy was wearing a custom bikini she had made for herself. A lady visiting from Germany asked Lucy where she bought her bikini, Lucy replied “I made it”, the lady asked Lucy if she had more and if Lucy could make one for her? Lucy did not have more and the lady from Germany was leaving the country the following day and wanted that suit so much she offered to buy the bikini she was wearing (odd I know), at that point Lucy decided to get into the swimwear business.

Lucy started nice and slow, making bikinis for friends at the beach. Soon she was taking orders/request for colors and styles. Next, she was making custom bikinis for bikini contest and Hooter’s girls. This went on for several years until it got to the point of too many people were coming to their house. At this point it was time to open a store, so Lucy joined forces with her husband Clyde.

In 1996 they opened a little boutique in Clearwater Florida making custom bikinis for bikini contest and Hooters Girls as well as Bodybuilding Suits for women and men, figure suits too. It went well for 3 years, during this time they started their website ( in 1998. Lucy did the designing and most of the sewing, in the beginning, Clyde did the website, helped with office work and even learned how to sew. Continuing the concept of growing slow and steady, it was time for a bigger store and workshop.

In 1998 Suits You Swimwear was ready for the new NPC Bikini Division. Already known for custom bikinis, so custom Competition Bikinis was a natural progression.

In 1999 they moved to Tampa Florida, for more space. They stayed there for 10 years while still growing.

In 2009 they moved to Clearwater (time for bigger store and shop). Currently, Suits You Swimwear specializes in unique sexy bikinis, custom contest bikinis, and custom figure suits. Lucy still does all the designing, Clyde still creates and maintains their website.

PS, in case you’re wondering, yes Lucy did sell the bikini she was wearing to the German lady. They went to a surf shop and the lady bought Lucy another bikini to wear, Lucy went to the restroom, cleaned her bikini and sold it to the German lady.