Competition Bikini Care and Figure Suit Care

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini or Figure Suit.

You finally made it through your first bikini competition, figure competition or physique competition! Now it's time to clean your custom suit, "what should I do?". How in the heck are you going to get the bikini bite and spray tan off your prized possession? We're here to help! 

The FIRST thing is TIME! The sooner you clean your suit, the easier it's going to be!

Here is the "Do Not's," Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Machine Wash, Do Not Wait to Long (days or weeks).

These instructions and tips apply to Competition Bikinis, Figure Suits and Physique Suits.

1: Rinse your suit, you'll be surprised how much of the tanning stuff and glue comes off, plus you don't want too much of this gunk in the sink while you're cleaning it :).

2: Start by filling your sink with cold water.
Note: Strong detergents can ruin the finish (shiny fabrics) of your competition suit.

We have had the best experience with Fels-Naptha Bar Soap. It's AMAZING! It even gets the glue off in most cases (for us, every time we've tried it).
We do have small samples here at the store, you can buy it online, Amazon or Walmart is best, make sure it's "Purex" Fels-Naptha.

3: Turn your suit inside out and apply soap directly onto the heavily soiled areas. Use the bar of soap to softly rub the area until the glue and tanning solution breaks down. Be gentle and patient; this does work, give it some time. Note: Use caution on the outside of your suit, you can and should scrub the inside (with Fels-Naptha), but remember the outside is more fragile.

4: Once you get all of the glue and tanning solution off, while emptying the sink, continue to slosh and rinse your suit in cold water. You will most likely have to repeat this at least a few times, or until the water is no longer “soapy.” Now you can lay your suit on a towel and allow the water to dissipate for about an hour.

5: Drape your suit over a hanger to finish air-drying. Once your suit dries, store it for your next competition. We suggest a Bikini Carry Case if you do not have one already, we have them for sale :).