Interview with Swarovski Crystal about Competition Bikinis

What an honor to be recognized by Swarovski for the Quality and Design of our Competition Suits!

Interview with Swarovski Crystal

October 2018
Suits You Swimwear owner and designer Lucy McCudden gets interviewed by Swarovski Crystal Technical representatives. 
“It was such an honor!, says Lucy, just to think that Swarovski would take the time to interview us about their products.”
Swarovski Crystal representatives asked lots of questions and asked for our feedback as well. They literally asked us if we had any suggestions or requests. Lucy came up with a couple, one idea got their attention, and hopefully, we’ll see it in the future!

Swarovski representatives were interested in the way we apply Swarovski Crystals to Competition Bikinis, Figure Suits and Physique Suits.

We discussed several topics:
Different ways of applying crystals to competition suits
Crystal colors and crystal shapes
New colors for upcoming collections
And lots of behind the scenes stuff that is classified and cannot be discussed 🙂

1 of ONLY 2 companies in the US to be selected for this interview!

We are truly honored to have been selected for this interview. The Swarovski Crystal representatives were genuine and asked real questions, and they flew all the way from Austria to meet with us. We have exclusively used Swarovski Crystal since 1996 when we started our business and will continue to do so.

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