Wellness Competition Suits

Wellness Competition Suits for 2020 Wellness Division!

Almost any of our crystal designs can be made in a Wellness Suit! We are adding more designs as fast as possible! Let us know your budget and Lucy will help design your dream wellness suit! You can see many of our designs on our custom competition bikini page.

According to NPC News Online 

  • The same rules that are currently in place for all of the other NPC and IFBB divisions.
  • Can be customized with "bling".
  • Must be a two-piece suit. 
  • The suit top is NOT connected to the bottom. 
  • The suit top is the same standard as the bikini division top cut.
  • The suit bottom must be V-shapes in the front and is traditionally made with all fabric and NO connectors? 
  • The suit bottom sits high up on the hips.
  • The suit bottom back is the same standard as the bikini division.
  • Athletes are encouraged to bring 2 suits to check-in.

You can read more information about the Wellness Division at our blog.

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