Ready to ship Crystal Competition Bikini, Mint with Blue Zircon Crystals

Ready to ship Crystal Competition Bikini, Mint with Blue Zircon Crystals

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In-Stock Crystal Competition Bikini!

Gorgeous Mint Sparkle Fabric with Blue Zircon SHIMMER Swarovski Crystals!

Includes Crystals on the back too!
Size and Style Details:
Rounded B cup Top (in between B cup and C cup).
Butterfly Cut Bottom. We will adjust the waist to your measurements.

Are you looking for a different competition bikini for your first bikini competition? If so, this one is designed just for you! Lots of bling for a reasonable price!
Look at the details of this amazing competition suit, and you quickly see why we are known for the highest quality competition bikinis in the business!

Ready to Ship Crystal Competition Suit!

Please keep the following in mind when comparing our crystal sequin competition bikinis to our competitors.
High Quality! We only use the best materials and only use Swarovski Crystals! You can shop with confidence and know you're getting real Swarovski Crystals on your competition bikini or customized swimsuit.
Crystals Design! Our Crystal Designs are COMPLETELY FINISHED! We feel this compliments your symmetry and looks much better on stage!
Customer service! We're easy to contact! We have an actual retail store here in Clearwater Florida; you can visit or call during regular business hours. We answer all email and respond to them quickly during business hours. 

Made in the USA, right here at our store in Clearwater Florida.
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